Industry Talent (IT) was set up to help businesses by acting as an extension to their HR department. Finding new staff can be quite a costly and time consuming exercise between time spent advertising roles, searching for the right candidates through hundreds of CV’s, interviews and training. It is estimated that on average, it costs up to one years salary of the role you are trying to fill which is crazy when you think about it. IT has been successfully reducing the cost of recruitment for businesses by up to 60% since the day and hour it was established. 

We are here to serve your needs and not our own which is why our clients love working with us. 

See what some of our clients have said about us:

“Jonathan and the team are brilliant. They actively listened to what I really needed in a candidate and made it happen. I am probably one of Industry Talent’s smaller client’s but they made me feel like I was the most important client. I had been in touch with some of the more established recruitment agencies and quite frankly, I was shocked at how little they cared about the ‘little guy’ and how much they were quoting me. Industry Talent were quite literally 4 times cheaper and in my opinion 4 times better than these other more established agencies. I will definitely be using Industry Talent for all of my recruitment moving forward.” 
- Aine @ Mollie Productions. 

“We decided to use Industry Talent because I have worked with Jonathan previously. I brought him on at the early stages of my business a few years ago. He won clients and placed candidates into the various roles we have available across Australia. During that time he not only established a sales team, he designed and implemented processes and training that I still use to this day. He played a big part in the development of our business by increasing revenue by 56% and cutting expenses by 34% in the first 6 months. As a recruiter, I cant recommend him highly enough. He is very easy to work with and one of the fairest around when it comes to cost.” 
- Patrick Ryan @ Ryan Racing Solutions and Employment Services. 

“EXCELLENT VALUE AND A PLEASURE TO WORK WITH!! In the past we used various different agencies due to the nature of our business. Focus on the word ‘used’. It’s past tense because we only use Industry Talent now. They are brilliant and efficient and so far have saved us thousands on my recruitment costs since we partnered.” 
- John @ NxtGen Solutions.  

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